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MXL was founded April 1, 1998.  Feeling there was a need for specialized ground transportation for air chartered shipments and with the help of Aviation Sales, Inc. (ASI/DAY) we opened our office, in their building. After 3 months, MXL became the preferred ground transportation for air charter shipments for GM Moraine Assembly and Kitty Hawk Charters. 

MXL delivers charter shipments for Daimler Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and many suppliers in the Dayton area and when needed, we go to CMH, IND, CVG, and many smaller airports/FBO’s. MXL is considered a preferred carrier for several air charter company’s as well as being on the top ten list of the best ground carriers for Active Aero (the final count isn’t in yet!)

Our drivers have security clearance (badges and codes to security gate) for unescorted access on airport grounds and with the new airport security policies, this is an invaluable asset. With this comes the added bonus of no waiting for airport personnel, and because our drivers’ security clearance they can and will assist line personnel at ASI/DAY with loading/unloading your freight to expedite delivery.

All of our drivers and dispatch are extensively trained on our air charter procedures which we’ll be glad to share with you, just give us call.

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